How many times have you said to yourself, “Ughhh, if ONLY there were a one-stop-shop that let me save large files, share them with anyone I need AND gave me the peace of mind of ISO 27001:2013 security, without having to pay through the nose for it?” Quite literally hundreds, right?

Well, despair no more; our Files tool is the answer to your online-storage-platform prayers.

What is it?

No more forking out hard-earned cash for extra storage capacity, or relying on separate file-sharing sites to ping important documents to colleagues and clients. Files gives you a simple, slick and secure solution to all of your file storing and sharing needs. What’s more, it’s totally free to use.

Perfect for sharing large design files or confidential documents, Files gives you instant access to your most important files no matter where you are, as easy to use on mobile as it is on desktop. Access and share files at the click of a button, at your desk, on the move or from the sofa in your pants. We don’t judge.

How does it work?

We won’t put restrictions on your creativity with measly storage limits. We know that genius requires some serious storage capacity, so we’ve ensured that Files has unlimited space available for you to store whatever you need; no hidden charges. We’ll also notify you when your lucky recipient has downloaded your file and won’t put a time limit on them to do it, unlike some file sharing sites we know. No finger pointing. They know who they are.

Save, store, share… Whatever you need to do with your most important files, our ultra-secure tool is up to the job.

…and there is more!

Want to bring your files to life? Use our handy Documents tool to set timely reminders against key renewal dates, get important contracts signed or store key data against relevant info. Snazzy, right?

Meet the rest of the gang

We all work together like happy work mates after a team building weekend and we are included with Files… and yeah, still FREE forever!