Qozo is perfect for tail spend

And you can quote us on that.

Less is More

Find the cheapest suppliers. Give your boss the bottom line. And cover yours. Boom. Everyone’s happy.

Faster than a buttered athlete

Let clever Qozo help you set up and share your RFQ in seconds.

Easy as pie

Qozo works best on your mobile. Just like Luke Skywalker on Yodafone.

Safer than a bubble wrapped turtle in a bank vault

Covered in a blanket of ISO under the watchful eye of the BSI.

Procure like a boss

You need to buy some stuff for work. You know it’s a good idea to ask around and find the best deal.

But that takes aaaaaaaages and you need it now. Much easier to ask Jeff down the road to supply it again. After all, you’ve been using Jeff for years.

What you don’t know is that Barry – you know Barry, new in town, nice guy, just round the corner from Jeff – can supply the same items for half the price Jeff charges. HALF the PRICE!

Qozo can get your request for quotes out to a range of suppliers in seconds. Quicker than it takes Jeff to double his mark-up and book his next holiday to the Maldives.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Qozo covers the full end-to-end RFQ process.
Add items. Ask questions. Set deadlines. Upload specs.

Send out the RFQ and watch the responses fly in, all from your mobile.

Full tracking and traceability of quotes from suppliers so you can show your boss just how much better Barry is. Sorry Jeff.

Your best ever workplace buddy.

Questions, Files, Documents, Quotes and Workflows. Qozo is all you need — in one tool.