Transform your file storage into an all-singing, all-dancing contract and document management system with Documents; your new, super-organised, totally on-top-of-things best friend.

Keeping up with life admin can be exhausting. If it’s not trying to figure out where you filed that all-important signed NDA, it’s racking your brains to remember when your office insurance is up for renewal. Let’s face it, we’ve all got that safe place* we tend to shove letters from the tax man in, too. Don’t even get us started on the minefield that is relying on social media to tell you when your Auntie’s birthday is.

(*random bottom drawer)

What is it?

Documents is here to make keeping on top of admin that little bit simpler, freeing you up to get on with the fun stuff; working perfectly alongside our Files and Quotes tools.

How does it work?

Offering a total document storage and management solution, Documents lets you securely store all manner of files, documents, emails and contracts in one handy place, giving you the option to set calendar reminders against any file. Whether it be a contract renewal reminder, or deadline for a tender submission, Documents won’t let you forget it. You can even store key data against important files and it’s DocuSign compatible, making signing on the dotted line a total breeze.

…and there is more!

A one-stop-shop solution for all of your document storage and management needs, this nifty little tool will make sure you’re keeping on top of all of the important stuff. Like an ultra-reliable, pocket PA, whose birthday you don’t need to worry about remembering. It’ll remind you.

Meet the rest of the gang

We all work together like happy work mates after a team building weekend and we are included with Questions… and yeah, still FREE forever!