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It’s likely that we’ve all read a lot about agile, including both myths and truths; that agile is easy, agile is clumsy, agile has no documentation, no planning and so on… Here, I’m going to showcase it from my (hopefully unbiased) angle, leaning on my 12+ years of experience in the agile way of life, as well as explaining how we use it here at Qozo.

Why Agile?

In years gone by, I often asked myself why agile was used as a means of product development, seeming odd that tech teams weren’t necessarily involved from an early stage to discuss options, and you didn’t wait until the end of a project to deploy testing.

Then, the more I started working within an agile team and read more about it, I slowly began to understand it more and more; bringing me to the conclusion that it offers the best of both worlds. The myths that surround agile can be somewhat disbanded if you understand that agile is nothing but a fast and continuous waterfall of developments, broken down into smaller and self-contained cycles.

The Qozo Way of Working

It’s often said that following processes in agile is close to impossible. In contrast, here at Qozo, we follow much-needed processes in a very agile environment, finding it to be a very successful way of working.

We do it our way and, at Qozo, simplicity is our style. We start with a good discussion with product owners to have any planning elements confirmed, which then leads to our design team getting to work on user testing; understanding what the end user both wants and needs from what we’re trying to create.

Next comes the baseline meeting; the opportunity for our tech team to fire questions at the design team (which they’re usually very prepared for!). This can go back and forth to ensure everyone is clear on what’s needed from a workflow point of view, and – when the prototype is baselined – our tech team is able to go ahead and develop the product as per the agreed design document.  

Working in an agile way and having smaller release cycles means that, with any product we create, we’re able to implement new ideas as they come up; reacting in real time to feedback from our users so that the whole team – from tech to design – can work effectively with incremental improvement. Using agile methods, we get genuine feedback from our users on how to enhance our products based on market needs, enabling us to consistently deliver what’s wanted with an adapt and improve mentality.

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Gomathi Ramalingam, Head of QA and Support QoZo