It automates your processes, creates a self serve supplier profile and makes sure that suppliers are keeping their information up to date.

Which makes everything a bit less risky, phew.

With all that glorious automation and self serve magic, you can say goodbye to a serious amount of click time for you and your team. So reap the rewards by having an extra coffee and making more time for things like supplier performance management. Oh yes, it does that too.

It’s a one-way ticket to supply base compliance.


Create any type of question from complex formulas to multiple file uploads.


Workflows take your suppliers on a delightful, automated journey. So put your feet up and watch the ride.


Monitor performance and single out those risky suppliers.


All your supplier data in one place. Enough said.


You create questionnaires containing precisely the questions you want to ask, from complex formulas to multiple file uploads. To save you and your suppliers’ time, Workflow questions can be imported into sourcing events, maintaining up to date records and avoiding duplication of work. Moreover, you created the questions, so you can edit them at any point as well. Which is handy.

It’s easy to use and means that you can start to ask some really important stuff, like, ‘Do you have liability insurance?’

The beautiful thing is, you can put your feet up and watch the questions get completed. Alternatively, do something else with your time. It’s up to your suppliers to complete the information.

The best part is, you know more about your suppliers. There’s no need to feel sweaty-palmed when thinking about your supply base. CF Workflow lets you quickly single out any businesses who are posing a risk.


Every business is unique, with its own quirks and processes.

Custom workflows allow you to directly recreate these processes, with a range of conditional actions automatically moving each supplier across questionnaires until all the necessary information has been gathered. Even sending alerts to individuals or teams at each stage.


With your new supplier safely on-boarded, you’ll want to monitor any risk they pose to your business.

A balanced scorecard lets everyone get involved. From supplier self-evaluation to stakeholder input, Scorecards is the way to get a 360 view on a supplier’s performance.

Using formulas across a range of responses, results can be transformed into useful metrics that can be shared with key stakeholders and displayed in the company’s profile.


We’ve teamed up with data gurus Qlik Sense, to develop a reporting tool that’s pretty darn good. Meet CF Analytics.

With that in mind, you can now access all, yes ALL, your data in one place and start to really understand what’s going on across your supply base including the ability to visualise performance trends.

CF Analytics will help you to interrogate any and all of your data, whether that’s to find the right supplier for the right job or to identify high-risk contracts. Our reporting suite lets you identify the gaps in your data and manage by exception.

No more needles in haystacks.

One platform for you and all your suppliers

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