eProcurement technology, all neatly wrapped up in a simple, easy to use product. From project management, RFx, evaluation and financial tracking.

CF Source is a complete eSourcing solution, allowing you to connect with your supply base.

Project Management

Run a sourcing project from start to completion


Whatever you need to tender, we have all the clicks and buttons to do it!


We have an eAuction for every occasion. So get your game theory hat on

Financial Tracking

Track savings and drive more benefit with dynamic dashboards and slick reporting


Wrap it all up with our brilliant reporting suite and look like a Data Don

Project management

CF Source project management allows you to  run a sourcing project from start to finish, storing all project information in an easy to use application. You can track each stage of the project and keep those involved updated. Monitor project benefits, such as cost savings and really start to show off your saving credentials. Use the tool to manage your team and their project through the reporting tool.

You can create as many project templates as required, ensuring that your teams are sticking to the process whilst providing them with the right guidance through a sourcing exercise.

Projects keeps you and your sourcing activities organised and on track.


RFI, RFP, ITT, PQQ. We’ve got it covered

RFx allows you to ask your supply base for information. With drag and drop technology, line item import, spreadsheet bidding and automatic question population, we have thought of everything you need to run a sourcing activity and save you time. Lots of time.

There’s some impressive post analysis stuff to boot, like scoring evaluation and blow-your-socks-off reporting. So you can access all your tender information and make those important decisions.

And when you’ve made your decision, why not let your chosen supplier know? Award through the software for the final cherry on the cake.

CF Source combines powerful technology with easy to use setup tools, helping you and your team to fully realise the potential of our software. As well as guided setup and import tools, you’ll be able to move suppliers across stages of your sourcing process with Smart Copy, filtering out non-qualifiers or unwanted lines of information or pricing. Plus, did we mention, it’s really easy to use. No really.


We are a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to eAuctions. It’s in our DNA.

Whether in our past successes with Vodafone, NHS London Procurement Partnership or our partnership with De Beers Auction Sales to pioneer rough diamond auctions, eAuctions in CF Source are the most powerful and innovative in the marketplace.

A bold statement, yes. But true.

English, Japanese, Multi-Unit, Dutch and Sequential auction types offer the flexibility of auction design for any scenario. We are constantly pioneering technology within the auction market with some big developer brains working on new and exciting technologies.

Financial Tracking

Track your spend and savings on sourcing projects with Financial tracking.

Month by month, you can check your progress against budgets and forecast savings from multiple business divisions, with the option of locking completed fields to ensure accurate reporting.


What is your data telling you?

Data tells a story. What’s the point in putting information into a system if you can’t see the bigger picture?

Imagine seeing all your MI in one, big, beautiful dashboard. Imagine the ability to customise your reports and present your data in new, meaningful visualisations.

With CF Analytics all of the above is possible. You can access all of your data in one place and do whatever you want with it. If that means showing off in front of your bosses, then who are we to judge?

We bring your data to life.

One platform for you and all your suppliers

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