Somewhere to safely store and manage your contract data and documents.

Because we are an ISO 27001 accredited company, we take security very seriously. No one wants important contract information on the run, so we provide a super secure environment for your business’s most important docs and information. CF Contracts allows you to manage information using automated alerts and dashboards. We  give you the tools you need to be confident that you’ll never miss a thing.

You can store all contract data, sign your contracts digitally and view some pretty snazzy reports. In a nutshell, CF contracts removes the risk of human oversight (yes, no ones perfect), keeps on top of your contract data and lets us all sleep easier at night.


Create and store unlimited contracts. We’re generous. Stay on top of your contracts and don’t hit snooze on that termination date.

Contract Build

Build contract documents using clause library


Use digital eSignature and contract approval. Who uses pens anyway?


Create beautiful reports with our configurable reporting suite. Make yourself look like a data wizard and impress the boss.


This is a really good place to start.

It’s the big contract picture.

It allows businesses to finally get their heads around the scale and magnitude of the contract landscape. Sounds scary? Think of the alternative. See, much worse.

Our repository gives you online control of your business’s contract data and documentation.

Data is stored against configurable templates and there’s no limit to the number of documents you can store too. Don’t forget all this information can then be accessed in our reporting suite so that you can start to work smart, like planning your sourcing pipeline. That’s when it gets exciting.

Contract Build

Flexible and configurable, behold the wonder of contract build.

Businesses can actually create their contracts through intelligent clause libraries, and dynamic templates. User can even lock down ‘no budge’ clauses- music to the Legal team’s ears.

Suddenly teams and stakeholders are working from one application, and everyone is on the same page.


Get stuff signed. Quickly. Without having to chase important people down hallways with a pen.

Digital signature takes out the sweat in getting signature approvals. With our in-built integration with Adobe Sign and APIs available, eSignature speeds up the contracting process and ensures the contract is signed, stored and accessible.


We’re a smart bunch. So smart, in fact, we realised that sometimes two heads are better than one. That’s why our amazing CF Analytics is powered by Qlik Sense, our technology partner.

This seamless integration gives you access to some pretty swish dashboards. You can access all your contract data in one place, customise reports and get the visibility needed to make business decisions. These data views act as signposts for potential risks while also providing a live snapshot of overall contractual activity.

One platform for you and all your suppliers

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