Make sense of your data and create a one-view, data visualisation. With the power of CF Analytics, you can now truly understand your data relationships and find the answers you want through a few simple clicks.

CF Analytics visualises all of your data in one place, creating beautiful dashboards based upon pre-built dimensions and measures. Powered by Qlik Sense technology, you can view your reports anywhere, from any device and export to excel, Jpeg and PDF.

Exploring your CF Suite data has never been easier.


Lots of juicy reports- built and ready to go

Configuration and build

Unleash your inner analyst.


Bring teams together and start talking data


We’ve already created lots of helpful dashboards, so as soon as you get your new site, you can start running your reports. We work with a lot of cool customers who are smart when it comes to reporting. So we’ve built some nifty dashboards to give our customers insight into their data.

You can bring your data to life and quickly identify risk and saving opportunities.

With our project tracker, you can understand what your team is working on and make informed decisions on your resource allocation.

Contract pipeline allows you to take a good look at your contract data and manage your contract lifecycle (no more missed termination dates).

You can also track supplier performance with our KPI trend analysis dashboard. CF Analytics allows you to instantly highlight business problems and manage by exception.

We’ve got a whole heap of great reports all ready to go…

Configuration and build

We get that you might have some very specific reporting requirements.

So to make life nice and easy you can also create your own reports. As many as you like.

Users can edit existing pre-built dashboards or get techy and build dashboards from scratch within the analyst hub. All CF Suite data is available so the more you put in, the more you get out.


Sharing information has never been easier. Now teams can finally understand what everyone is working on.

Reaching your goals as a team and collaborating across your business is super simple when you’ve got an easy to use data interface.

Put some science behind your business decisions and get everyone on the same page.

One platform for you and all your suppliers

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