Curtis Fitch is now Qozo

Cue the confetti and the champagne pop… Curtis Fitch is now Qozo!

It was time for a make-over… Still the great innovative minds with a new set of productivity tools to help your business! Let us introduce you to QOZO

Looking for CF suite? See below.

What is it?

CF Suite combines all of our specialist eProcurement platforms in one secure, easy-to-use software suite; perfect for those in search of a one-stop contract management solution.

Containing CF Insight, CF Source, CF Contracts and CF Analytics, you have the tools at your disposal to take care of every element of your procurement process; from finding the right supplier, to creating the necessary contracts and analysing their performance.

How does it work?

Working best when in partnership, CF Suite combines our four e-sourcing and contract management platforms to make your procurement processes more efficient than ever before, all accessed via one easy-to-use CF Suite platform.

Designed to be used in conjunction with one another, you can rest assured that the complete life cycle of your supplier contracts is taken care of in one place.


A complete solution for all of your contracting needs, enabling you to build, store and control contracts safely and securely.


Make procurement for your business easier than ever with our easy-to-use complete eSourcing platform.


Finding the right supplier for your business has never been easier with our easy to use supplier-questionnaire programme.


Access, monitor and analyse all of your procurement data in one easy-to-view place, getting quick answers to a range of supply-chain questions.

Let’s talk about CF Suite

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Introducing Qozo

Questions, Files, Documents, Quotes and Workflows. Qozo is all you need — in one tool.