Move over CF Suite, there’s a new kid in town

We know what you’re thinking.

Something’s different and you can’t quite put your finger on it… Wait, what? Are those Mr Men? Twirly Woos?

Say hello to Qozo. We think you’re going to make great buddies.

Want a better way to keep that pesky tail spend in check? Good news!

Wish there was a quicker way to do that RFQ? Even better news!

Fun rubbery characters make you smile? You’re going to love this!

Qozo is a brand new RFQ solution from the same stable as CF Suite.

For many users, CF Suite is much like their favourite pair of slippers – safe, reliable and familiar. It’s a great desktop solution. But let’s be honest, it’s not so great when you’re half-way up a ladder and need to order some of those thing-ummy-bobs before you forget. Oh no, now Brenda’s talking you to, you’ve got distracted and, what was it you needed again?

So, somewhere in Cheltenham in an underground lair, our designers and developers have been working on a better way to RFQ. We tied users to chairs over a pool of sharks with laser beams attached to their heads and interrogated them about every single bit of the RFQ process.

We’ve been through every possible user journey and iteration imaginable, along with countless post-it-notes and cups of tea.

The result (ta da!) is Qozo, our fastest, simplest, most user-friendly RFQ solution ever.

Qozo is built on the best AWS tech straight out of the Amazon (trust us, it’s good). It means you can be in an ivory tower, your garden shed, or half-way up a ladder* and set up and share an RFQ in seconds.

We’ve thought of everything to make Qozo the most awesomest way to RFQ:

  • Mobile-first – RFQ wherever you are whenever the urge strikes with whatever’s to hand. Soon office workers will be Qozo-ing in stationery cupboards and toilets across the land.
  • User-centered design – Qozo makes doing an RFQ a fun, game-like experience, bringing joy to everyone that uses it. Even that grumpy so-and-so in the corner, you know the one.
  • Hassle-free – Qozo is so simple a panda could do it blindfolded (actually we’ve yet to try that one, can someone in testing get onto it please?). You don’t need a degree to use it, just your phone. That’s something everyone can get on board with.
  • Get a grip! Find the cheapest suppliers for the stuff you need in an instant. Qozo tracks it all and covers your arse, so you can stop chasing your tail. Just like the hokey cokey, that’s what it’s all about.
  • It’s free. ‘Nuff said.

CF Suite won’t be disappearing, but it would make our day if you gave Qozo a try. Take a look and get started (did we say it’s free?).

We’d love to know what you think. Tell our boss [email protected] Go on, be brutal, he can take it.

*Had a fall at work? We do not accept any liability for slips, trips, misdemeanours or mishaps when Qozo-ing in extreme, perilous or silly locations. Take greater care next time, you clown.

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