Let’s Get Quizzical

Things just got even more jazzy over here at Qozo HQ with the launch of an all-singing, all-dancing new feature in our Forms app… all hail Quizzes!

Here for all your quiz-based needs, Quizzes makes creating, sharing and collating quizzes as easy as pie. Whether it’s to put your mates’ knowledge to the ultimate test at the pub, to keep things lively on the next family zoom or for some all-important feedback from your work colleagues or customers, Quizzes has the tools you need.

With Qozo’s Quizzes feature, every step of the quiz process is taken care of, from question creation to answer ratings. Using our app-like interface for ultimate ease of use, you simply need to follow a few simple steps to get your Quiz live and kicking:

  1. Set Your Questions

Talking you through the process every step of the way, Qozo lets you create your quiz using a variety of different question types; from simple ‘Yes/No’ questions, to multiple choice and text-based answer requirements. Give it a name and select the correct answers as you go to make for easy marking.

  • Jazz It Up

Be sure to keep quiz fans’ attention by making your quiz look as snazzy as possible. All questions give you the option to upload images, files or voice recordings to illustrate your point.

  • Share and Share Alike

When you’re done, our easy-share function gives you the option to share your quiz with whoever you fancy. They’ll get a link to open which they simply click to start putting their knowledge to the test.

  • Watch the Answers Roll In

Your recipients will be able to work their way through the quiz and be presented with their results as soon as they’re finished, for super-simple results. You can also log in at any time to see how they’ve got on – important when analysing results or crowning the winner.

Try Quizzes out for yourself via our Forms app here. Best of all, it’s totally free!